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My Hitman Friend Said, “Am Tired of Killing. I Want to Change.”

My fight with my brother went on and on and on. I was saying Christ is man while my brother was insisting Christ is a god, and he only manifested as a human being, but his true nature is that of a god. Night and day, those became our fights. Up until Bro. Eli said … Continue reading

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My Witch-Crafting Ancestors Said I Owed my Life to my Grandfather

My family were in uproar, learning that I changed religion. As my father was beating me, my uncle said, “You don’t know that the boy is correct! Did you ever once listen to Bro. Eli? Listen! You will know if this boy isn’t telling the truth. If I were you, I would respect your son’s … Continue reading

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My friends were shocked to see me without my miniskirt!

But even though I was panning away my attention from Bro. Eli so I could do things that I like to do, his preaching kept ringing in my mind. Eventually, I felt that I was having a change of heart. Yes, he was actually guiding me, and I wanted to follow. By Marie Viray Continue reading

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We yanked out to see The Walking Bible and what did we hear?

I was so entertained by how Bro. Eli re-enacted the foolishness of some catholic members who, for not having any idols to worship in their houses, ended up drawing a big black cross on their house doors and then crying out so loud, begging for mercy to their newly self-created god! By Mervin Semilla Vargas … Continue reading

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My family and I were seeing another miracle from God – the God of my mother’s faith

I had no idea who Bro. Eli was. I was uninterested to join and since my mom was Bro. Eli’s number one fan, she asked me to accompany her. ‘Ask Brother Eli, the bible answers’ segment didn’t have any impact on me but I was impressed. Continue reading

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Bro. Eli is the only preacher in the world who uses those words

The way Bro. Eli uses strong words in Filipino such as “Tanga” (Stupid), “Gago” (fool), and “Ulol” (Crazy), really caught my attention. This preacher is cool, I thought, because he is the only preacher in the world that I know who uses those words. By Franklin Catunao I come from the Division of Metro Manila. … Continue reading

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Every time I hear Bro. Eli speak, it touches my heart; his every word is heartfelt and sincere

When I first heard Bro. Eli, I didn’t like his manner of preaching. He kept on attacking other religions’ teachings. But later, I have understood that what he condemned were the un-Biblical teachings of greedy pastors. By Rafael Del Rosario I was a born-and-raised Catholic, and so were the rest of my family. But I … Continue reading