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From Sleeping on the Streets to Bro. Eli’s Transient Home: Tnxb2G!

By Ulysses Glenn Arboleda   My childhood is nothing different from that of the others. My father was a Marine Master Sgt., and my mother, a typical housewife. I lived at Altabas, Aklan at Barangay Sinapian. It can be just another ordinary day but with the most confusing moments every time I remember my parents. … Continue reading

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We yanked out to see The Walking Bible and what did we hear?

I was so entertained by how Bro. Eli re-enacted the foolishness of some catholic members who, for not having any idols to worship in their houses, ended up drawing a big black cross on their house doors and then crying out so loud, begging for mercy to their newly self-created god! By Mervin Semilla Vargas … Continue reading

Bible exposition / experience leading to calling / losing everything / plan of God / purpose / transformation / unequalled knowledge

My family and I were seeing another miracle from God – the God of my mother’s faith

I had no idea who Bro. Eli was. I was uninterested to join and since my mom was Bro. Eli’s number one fan, she asked me to accompany her. ‘Ask Brother Eli, the bible answers’ segment didn’t have any impact on me but I was impressed. Continue reading

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I was holding a broadcast when all of a sudden the Iglesia ni Cristo members came with guns

I continued to preach our faith and defend our preacher whose reputation they were trying to malign. That very instance, I felt the power of God work. By Noli Molero To this day, I have not forgotten when I almost drowned the time my family and I went swimming. There was also an incident where … Continue reading

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What kind of Religion is this that it cannot Afford to install Aircon in their Studio?

It was a blessing in disguise though, because I needed something spiritual to uplift my life, which my catholic priest could not give.
As I listened to Bro. Eli, I said to myself, “And I was just ignoring you for the past several years, and here you are saying what I wanted to hear a long time ago.” Continue reading