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From Sleeping on the Streets to Bro. Eli’s Transient Home: Tnxb2G!

By Ulysses Glenn Arboleda   My childhood is nothing different from that of the others. My father was a Marine Master Sgt., and my mother, a typical housewife. I lived at Altabas, Aklan at Barangay Sinapian. It can be just another ordinary day but with the most confusing moments every time I remember my parents. … Continue reading

Bible exposition / biblical teachings / losing everything / plan of God / salvation / Search for truth / true messenger / true religion / walking scriptures

I already had the inkling that a real-life personality was being spoofed and I wondered who it was

If my grandmother were still alive, I would tell her, “Inana, di hamak na mas mabuti pa kaysa sa paring Katoliko ang kalagayan ko ngayon. (Grandma, I am now in a condition that is very much better than being a Catholic priest.)” Continue reading

Bible exposition / experience leading to calling / losing everything / plan of God / purpose / transformation / unequalled knowledge

My family and I were seeing another miracle from God – the God of my mother’s faith

I had no idea who Bro. Eli was. I was uninterested to join and since my mom was Bro. Eli’s number one fan, she asked me to accompany her. ‘Ask Brother Eli, the bible answers’ segment didn’t have any impact on me but I was impressed. Continue reading