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They would often ask is there a time when I got bored listening to him and I replied no!

By discovering the program of Bro Eli, it had helped me a lot on how to deal with the kid’s mood. He just wanted attention.  A year had passed that I have not noticed I have survived  the kid’s attitude.  By Nitz Rivera I was in 4th year high school when I came to know the … Continue reading

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I closed my ears to Bro. Eli’s words about false pastors as I was furious inside of me

At the same time, I was hedging: I closed my ears to his words about false pastors. I was furious inside of me because of the way he lambasted pastors of other religious denominations, including that of the Baptists where I belonged. By Ellen May Pama Bendol Continue reading

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He is right: that tablet of Moses is impossible to be found today!

Compared to my former religion, I didn’t hear teachings like I heard from him. I couldn’t feel any joy. It was more of a standing-and-sitting gathering and some segments of kissing a saliva-coated statue. By Cesar Martir I never expected that I would be affiliated with the Members Church of God International (MCGI). This group … Continue reading

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I would have been dead if I didn’t study in La Verdad

I ran and ran until I bumped against the altar. The red catholic bible and the fragile icon of St. Mary fell on the floor and turned into pieces. I was alone then but my mother heard the sound. I was afraid to look at her because she might scold me. As she entered the … Continue reading

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How does it feel to have a Real Father?

The boy was shocked when Bro. Eli called him ‘iho’ (son). It was his first time to hear someone call him ‘iho.’ He boasted about the incident to his friends. He was marching with a smile, whistling, and saying, “Did you know Bro. Eli called me iho?” By Jeffrey Eugenio The young boy was sobbing … Continue reading