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They would often ask is there a time when I got bored listening to him and I replied no!

By discovering the program of Bro Eli, it had helped me a lot on how to deal with the kid’s mood. He just wanted attention.  A year had passed that I have not noticed I have survived  the kid’s attitude.  By Nitz Rivera I was in 4th year high school when I came to know the … Continue reading

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From Sleeping on the Streets to Bro. Eli’s Transient Home: Tnxb2G!

By Ulysses Glenn Arboleda   My childhood is nothing different from that of the others. My father was a Marine Master Sgt., and my mother, a typical housewife. I lived at Altabas, Aklan at Barangay Sinapian. It can be just another ordinary day but with the most confusing moments every time I remember my parents. Continue reading

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Bro. Eli is the only preacher in the world who uses those words

The way Bro. Eli uses strong words in Filipino such as “Tanga” (Stupid), “Gago” (fool), and “Ulol” (Crazy), really caught my attention. This preacher is cool, I thought, because he is the only preacher in the world that I know who uses those words. By Franklin Catunao I come from the Division of Metro Manila. … Continue reading

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“The time I started to love You is the time I started to love myself,” this is what I would always remind myself to remember how it all started

I have found the answer – I have cried a river and experienced great pain to realize how great God is! By Angela Alsie Borromeo I am almost five years in service to God. Yet in my mind, it is still clear how I came to know Him. We are thought to fear God since … Continue reading

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It was during that day that I felt the lightest I’ve ever felt in my entire life – it was when I finally joined God’s Church

My borrowed life suddenly became more meaningful due to this wondrous experience. I have seen his daily workings; and his Godly teachings extend with everything that he does, even when he is not preaching on television or standing behind the pulpit. By Aaron Romero Because of my father’s listening to Don Manolo’s Genius Family program … Continue reading

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Every time I hear Bro. Eli speak, it touches my heart; his every word is heartfelt and sincere

When I first heard Bro. Eli, I didn’t like his manner of preaching. He kept on attacking other religions’ teachings. But later, I have understood that what he condemned were the un-Biblical teachings of greedy pastors. By Rafael Del Rosario I was a born-and-raised Catholic, and so were the rest of my family. But I … Continue reading

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It was only then that I felt the holy fear of God when I got affiliated with the Church of God

The segment was called “Ang Dating Doon.” I was amused with that portion and I got curious as to who the man Brod Pete was imitating. My curiosity ended when somebody told me that it was Brother Eli whom Brod Pete was impersonating. By Marvin Uriza (Shanghai, China) I used to be a catholic. Feeling … Continue reading