Other Monikers

Earned Monikers of our Subject from Years of Hard Work

Only Sensible Preacher of our Time

Phenomenal Preacher


The Walking Bible

Modern Day Jeremiah

The Nemesis of False Prophets


3 thoughts on “Other Monikers

  1. Another moniker well fitting to Bro. Eli Soriano is The New Age Prophet. He, after all, has the knowledge and understanding of all the intricate details of the Holy Scriptures. He does not prevaricate from the gospel, thus he is a man of reality: an apodictical Prophet and an enemy of falsehood.

    • New Age

      This term, New Age describes a movement in western culture to explore spiritual matters without the constrains of any set religious doctrine. Known as the “New Age Movement”, it contains many of the same elements found throughout different religions. New Age itself is not an actual religion, it is more of a conglomeration of many peoples “private” beliefs.

      THEREFORE, we have to be careful of terms we use on the preacher. Take note that New Age is characterized by private beliefs and licentiousness.

  2. Yes, from being The Modern Day Jeremiah up to The Most Sensible Preacher of our Time, these monickers really define Bro. Eli Soriano.

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