Testimonies that chronicle

the labor of love of ELISEO SORIANO,

the most sensible preacher of our time

despite all difficulties

being sown by the enemy


3 thoughts on “About

  1. No matter what the enemies hurled at Brother Eli Soriano. Even if they accuse him as a murderer, rapist, or any other malicious slander, I still believe that Brother Eli is the only Preacher who teaches the truth of God’s word. Glory be to God for sending us His most sensible Preacher in our time.

  2. When at times, I cannot fulfill my simplest obligation in the Church, I feel bad because what I learned from Brother Eli is something that “money can’t buy”. The peace I feel in my heart brought healing to my whole being. I pray to God to extend His blessing to Brother Eli and his family.

  3. These stories on how the lives of people change with God’s help and through Bro. Eli’s teachings definitely proves that the negative comments and stories spitted out and conjured by those who are against God’s words are all purely lies. It’s the enemies word of lies against these words of inspiring true-to-life stories that magnify the greatness of the Almighty!

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