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I would have been dead if I didn’t study in La Verdad

I ran and ran until I bumped against the altar. The red catholic bible and the fragile icon of St. Mary fell on the floor and turned into pieces. I was alone then but my mother heard the sound. I was afraid to look at her because she might scold me. As she entered the … Continue reading

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“The time I started to love You is the time I started to love myself,” this is what I would always remind myself to remember how it all started

I have found the answer – I have cried a river and experienced great pain to realize how great God is! By Angela Alsie Borromeo I am almost five years in service to God. Yet in my mind, it is still clear how I came to know Him. We are thought to fear God since … Continue reading

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It was during that day that I felt the lightest I’ve ever felt in my entire life – it was when I finally joined God’s Church

My borrowed life suddenly became more meaningful due to this wondrous experience. I have seen his daily workings; and his Godly teachings extend with everything that he does, even when he is not preaching on television or standing behind the pulpit. By Aaron Romero Because of my father’s listening to Don Manolo’s Genius Family program … Continue reading