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I wasn’t happy being a Catholic so I decided to search for truth

When I heard Bro. Eli delivering the topic about salvation, I felt fear because I did not know if I would be saved. How I wanted to be saved!

By Ishie Jaye Damiao

I am a former catholic. My life before was worthless. I didn’t know what I wanted to do with my life. I didn’t feel happy, as if something was always missing. It seemed like I wanted to find out something but I did not know what it was. My friends thought that I was cheerful, religious and God-fearing, so they respected me much. Whenever they planned for a drinking session, they wouldn’t invite me because they believed that I was ‘holy.’

Sometimes, I felt irritated because that is what they thought about me. They didn’t know that deep inside me, I believe that compared to them, I was even worse. I was filled with hatred, envy and sadness. They did not know that I just doing everything to please people I was with. I actively participated in the “Youth for Christ,” but I was not happy. I was not satisfied so I decided to search for what I was looking for.

I wanted to honestly serve God so I tried different religions: Pentecostal, Born Again, and many others. I had so many questions in my mind but I never found the answers from these congregations.

I got familiar with the program of Bro. Eliseo Soriano because my father loved to listen to him through the Ang Dating Daan (The Old Path) program in radio and TV since I was a child. Something unexpected happened. This is the story.

When my father came back from Saudi Arabia, we were surprised when he announced that we will not attend catholic masses or YFC activities anymore because all of those were useless. He encouraged us to watch Bible Expositions. However, these things did not matter to me. I remember that before he left for Saudi Arabia for the second time, he talked to a church worker of the Members Church of God International (MCGI) and invited him to our house for a Bible Study. MCGI is called locally, Ang Dating Daan after their popular radio-TV program.

When I first listened to the worker, I was impressed because he knew the verses in the Bible and I heard something from him that I have never heard before in my whole life. Questions began arising in my mind.

‘Is this the one I had been searching for so long a time?’ ‘Is this the truth or is he just deceiving us?’

I was having second thoughts until my mother decided to undergo indoctrination with the Church of God. She wanted me to accompany her but she knew that I was busy studying. Later on, my mother and my sister were baptized after the indoctrination sessions. Then my other siblings decided to follow suit. As for me, I was hesitant. I thought to myself: my way of dressing would be altered. I didn’t want to let go of my conviction. I didn’t want my friends’ impression of me changed. Hence, I didn’t attend the on-going indoctrination.

One day, I was invited to attend the Church’s gathering. As I entered the locale, I was so happy when I met the brethren. I felt happy as they sang praises to God. I even cried. I felt something different but I couldn’t explain what it was. When I heard Bro. Eli delivering the topic about salvation, I felt fear because I did not know if I would be saved. How I wanted to be saved!

The following week, I attended the scheduled indoctrination. I was baptized as I had completed the topics. I felt so happy. I have never felt happier in my whole life that I thought that I was ready to die that moment. Thanks be to God!

As I counted years in the Church, many changes have happened in my life. I have learned to forgive and serve God. Every Word that comes from God gave me hope in the midst of suffering, tribulations, weaknesses and imperfections. It was only in this Church that I felt the true love of God. He is so good that He called me in His Church. I am still happy even if other people changed the way they treated me. I believe that I have a loving God that I can depend on any time and He will never forsake me.

Later on, I enrolled in the ministerial classes for aspiring workers as I wanted to serve God and be of assistance to the ministry. With God’s help, I hope that I can persevere and continue my duties in the Church.

The life in the true Church of God is full of love, hope and faith. Nothing can ever surpass this Church because this is the truth. Thanks be to God that all of my queries and troubles in life were all resolved in His Church.



14 thoughts on “I wasn’t happy being a Catholic so I decided to search for truth

  1. Monica, The Acts of the Apostle’s is the history of the church how she comes into life. Jesus made a promised: I will be with you always until the end of the day. Study the life of first five pope so you may have an idea that the Catholic Church is founded by Christ through the prophet and apostles. Once an individual goes out of catholic church…naging mapanglait, mapanghusga, mpangbatikos, mapaimbabaw at iba pa. I’ve experienced that when I started searching the truth from other section of Christianity until I come back to the true church. I hope, the Holy Spirit will guide you to return his church.

    • Mr. Pacione, I am sorry to say but you are wrong. The Church came into life not in the Acts of the Apostles. Even before the Acts of the Apostles, the true Church in the Bible had already come to life. You can read in the Gospels that the Lord Jesus Christ already calls the flock as “church”, such as in Matthew 18:17,

      “And if he shall neglect to hear them, tell it unto the church: but if he neglect to hear the church…”

      Don’t tell me that when Christ said this, the Church had not yet come to life?

      Then about your comment that when people leave your church, that is the catholic church, people become “mapanglait, mapanghusga, mapangbatikos, mapaimbabaw at iba pa.” How do you prove that it really happens “Once an individual goes out of catholic church…” Does it really happen to each and everyone that is why you say “Once”?

      Sis. Monica is never misled. The Holy Spirit has been guiding her all along, that is why she left the catholic church. Good for her!

  2. Monica, your search of the truth is not inspired by the Holy Spirit because you didn’t notice which is true and half truth. The Church that was preached by the Apostles is a true church. The history of the church is in the book of ACTS OF THE APOSTLES. Bear in mind what Jesus have told them “I’ll be with you always until the consummation of the days” That church is still here on Earth. Search the first 5 pope it will help you that the church founded by Christ is the Catholic. Also remember that Satan uses the word of God when he tempted Jesus in the wilderness. Eli is doing the same thing.Here’s some attachment of Soriano’s teaching

    • Strike two, Mr. Pacione, sorry.

      The history of the church does not start with the book of Acts. The history of any thing, even a nation or country, begins with its foundation. That foundation does not begin in the Acts. To think that the Lord Jesus Christ Himself is the foundation (which up to now catholicism does not understand), then the foundation is prior to events in the book of Acts.

      As regards the lives of your popes, I believe it is already needless to do so. Why? The very title “pope” is already antichrist. The word “pope” as most people know already means “father”. Christ does not allow His true disciples to call His preachers as “father”, Matthew 23:9 –

      “And call no man your father upon the earth: for one is your Father, which is in heaven.”

      As regards your comment: “…remember that Satan uses the word of God when he tempted Jesus in the wilderness. Eli is doing the same thing.” Do you understand the meaning of the word “tempted”? On what occasion did Bro. Eli tempt us, or pull us towards wrongdoing, by using the word of God?

      Instead of you just commenting here, it would be admirable if you personally come to our Bible Exposition and say those things before Bro. Eli himself.

      May the Holy Spirit open your mind to realize that it was a wrong decision to make a U-turn after all.

  3. i agree to erhynireh MCGI is the ONLY religion that follows every teaching of God, we know we are not perfect but with the help of God we are trying our best to follow Him. Thanks be to God that with the help of Bro. Eli and Bro. Daniel I know that I am in the true church that God established and built.

  4. I have read your story Sis. Ishie,… I am speechless…we almost have same story… I am so very thankful too, that I am now a Christian, a member of MCGI (Member of Church of God International) leading by our Preachers Bro. Eli and Bro. Daniel.. I am proud to be a Christian… I hope i could also make my own story to be share for others…:) my experiences, my happiness, everything that had change in my life. 1Corinthians 13:13, 2 Peter 1:5-7..

  5. all of you are lost including Eli Soriano…i dont mean to attack, just stating a fact…Read the Bible and you will find the truth if you diligently seek him not in other persons or pastors or ministers but in Him who created you…What others are saying are mostly hearsay.. The Lord will then guide you to the True Church.
    When somebody promises you heaven, dont go with him, that is a lie…God didnt promises heaven, but an everlasting kingdom. If one tells you that that soul is eternal, think again…it will not fit it to what God says in the Bible that the soul of the wicked “perish ” (means to cease from existence)…a lot of preachers are preaching what is not really written in the bible but out of arrogance to the little knowledge they read and learned from somebody else…Read the bible and prepare to accept and learn what are wrtten in it…

    • Sorry for you, Mr. Vallos. With God’s help, we are not lost.

      Please read Romans 10:14. It says there that “How shall they hear without a preacher?” You cannot seek the truth without the aid of a preacher.

      I agree that what others are saying are mostly hearsay. BUT, definitely, Bro. Eli is NOT one of those “others”. He always provides Scriptures and documents in each and every thing that he teaches us.

      You’re right, God did not promise heaven… because He promised new heavens! 2 Peter 3:13 –

      “Nevertheless we, according to his promise, look for new heavens and a new earth, wherein dwelleth righteousness.”

      So, practically, you are still wrong altogether.

      Can you please show your basis on your comment about the word “perish”? Where did you get that?

      As regards your last comment, “a lot of preachers are preaching what is not really written in the bible but out of arrogance to the little knowledge they read and learned from somebody else…” That’s true, BUT it DOESN’T apply to Bro. Eli. If I accept that Bro. Eli has little knowledge, then all other preachers would have none at all.

      Maybe you can come personally to our Bible Exposition and say all of that to Bro. Eli himself?

  6. If we open our hearts and understanding, it will not be hard to learn that catholic’s preachings are totally baseless. And yes, with God’s grace, we will understand the deeper and real meaning of His words.

  7. I will pray that you return to the Eucharist as Jesus Christ can only ful-fill your life if you are in him and him in you. The Catholic Church is the only place you can truly receive the body and blood of our Lord. I too left the Catholic Church trying different churches. I thank God for that journey as it lead me back to his church. The church he gave Peter, the Catholic Church. I pray my sister your journey will lead you back as well. God bless you.

    • Monica, what does “return to the Eucharist” mean?

      You don’t even understand those empty phrases.

      YOUR WROTE: The Catholic Church is the only place you can truly receive the body and blood of our Lord.

      Oh? With your hundreds of images of stone and wood that cannot save even a drowning ant, how can the body and blood of Jesus Christ be in the Catholic Church?

      Pray instead that you, yourself, will find the True Church.

      The true church carries the name of God who owns it.

    • I pity you, Monica. After searching for the true church you failed to see it and you go back to the Catholic church that will surely bring you to eternal damnation. With all its teachings that is truly unbiblical? Girl, hindi sa tagal o sa dami ng kaanib ‘yan. Nakikita yan sa gawa kung talagang sinusunod ang mga aral ni Jesu Kristo. So far, iisang church lang ang nakita kong sinusunod ang mga aral ni Kristo – MCGI lang. Just like you, natry ko na halos lahat ng iba’t ibang relihiyon. I pray that it’s not yet late for you. Hopefully, God will spare you and enlighten you.

    • May I ask, Monica: How do you know if you have received the body and blood of our Lord?

      If you can satisfyingly answer that, maybe you will be able to convince us.

      By the way, I suppose the Peter you mentioned is not the Peter in the Bible, because never could you read in Peter’s epistles that he mentioned of any “catholic church”. Just saying.

      Thanks! May you be enlightened.

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