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His preaching is incomparable to those of other preachers

Greetings from Papua New Guinea!

By Murphy Martin

My name is Murphy Martin. I was baptized on June 1,2008 by Bro. Efren Baquing. I’m an aspirant worker from Papua New Guinea in the Locale of Madang.

First of all, I thank God Almighty for His mercy and loving kindness, I came to know the Truth by listening to CD’s like Truth in Focus.

I didn’t even know who Bro. Eli Soriano was, but how he is preaching is incomparable to those of other preachers.

In every word he speaks, he sees to it that there must be a proof in the Bible and in every preaching, he reads biblical verses.

I got interested when I saw all this and so I found ways to become a member of the Church of God.

Thanks Be To God!


6 thoughts on “His preaching is incomparable to those of other preachers

    • papogi marshall bonifacio, Poor you! You with your mindset about money.

      And that’s why you were blinded because you think Bro. Eli is like you. Is that what you think preaching is? You will never succeed in saving souls with your greed.

      Majority of the members of the church lead by Bro. Eli are the marginalized in society. They cannot give money. Instead, it is Bro. Eli giving to them in terms of care.

      He has put up orphanages all over the country. Do you do this? NO! Do you care for the sick? I don’t think anyone with your kind of greed would truly care for the poor. You only mind the rich. Challenge what I said. Your name is even fake, hiding from what you cannot accept.

  1. He is the true preacher and messenger whom God sends for
    us. What is happening now all over the world are signs of
    the times to come. To God be the glory forever and ever..

  2. Thanks be to God for all his unspeakable gifts! May God always guide you. We need more workers to spread the word of God.

  3. this is it brother….thanks be to GOD!! you can never find preachers like him in this last generation…. be Steadfast

  4. Be STRONG IN FAITH brother! Hold tight to the teachings and doctrines! Brother Eli Soriano teaches the TRUTH and preaching the TRUE CHRISTIANITY!


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