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After Hearing that Man on the Stage, I didn’t go back to my Church anymore

Then came to me a hundredfold of questions that struck my mind and that kept me sleepless, bored, lonely, hateful guilt-ridden and insecure. These kept on bothering me for days. By Jecelita Fernandez Sigue I’ve been through different religions with different false preachers that have come into this world. I was affiliated with the Catholic … Continue reading

Bible exposition / false preachers / plan of God / purpose / Search for truth / The Old Path / true messenger / true religion / unequalled knowledge / walking scriptures

I was holding a broadcast when all of a sudden the Iglesia ni Cristo members came with guns

I continued to preach our faith and defend our preacher whose reputation they were trying to malign. That very instance, I felt the power of God work. By Noli Molero To this day, I have not forgotten when I almost drowned the time my family and I went swimming. There was also an incident where … Continue reading

Bible exposition / Debate / experience leading to calling / The Old Path / true messenger / true religion / unequalled knowledge

He answered this atheist guy with so much wisdom, knowledge and authority, I thought I was dreaming!

Is this man for real? I have never seen a person answer that way and with such mastery of the Bible. By Jordan Pizarro It all began with a debate. I was in our hospital room when my grandmother got sick in 1997. I was searching for some channels that would be interesting enough to … Continue reading

Bible exposition / The Old Path / true messenger / unequalled knowledge

No evil man can ever understand God’s Word – which is why I trust Bro. Eli with my whole soul

It’s like for the first time in my life, I saw the ghastly streak in the beautiful painting that is my life. It’s not being a female substitute priest. It’s being a blind follower of an erroneous religion. By Pol Arellano As a child, I used to substitute for a Catholic priest. For most of … Continue reading

Bible exposition / experience leading to calling / meaning / salvation / true messenger / true religion

All of a Sudden, I looked up the Sky and the Vast Space caught my Attention

It is impossible that no powerful being is taking control of everything. By Bong Bodeña One time, one of my peers, Bro. Sonny Catan, invited me to listen to a religious program – that of Mr. Manolo Favis over DZBB titled “Dis is Manolo and his Genius Family.” It was on that program that I … Continue reading