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They told me that I Should Court my Wife again

When I heard Bro. Eli expose the faulty doctrines of other religions, I finally realized that I wanted to know the teachings of God because I was afraid of going to hell.

By Resty Reyes

I used to drink liquor and smoke marijuana, not to mention my relationship with many girls. However, in 1989, one of my officemates told me to listen to the program “Dis is Manolo and his Genius Family.”

I turned to that program for the first time, but I was not able to understand it right away. The following week, I listened to the program again. When I heard Bro. Eli expose the faulty doctrines of other religions, I finally realized that I wanted to know the teachings of God because I was afraid of going to hell. I believed that a judgment day will soon come. Listening more to the program, I was amazed at the way Bro. Soriano defended the teachings of God.

One time, in one particular broadcast of the program, the panelists were asked, “Napapagod ba ang Dios?” (Does God get tired?) All of them answered “no” except for Bro. Eli. I was astonished with his stand. He cited a verse wherein God said, “…ako’y pata ng pagdadala ng mga yaon. (…I am weary of bearing them.)” This proves that God does get tired.

I really admired Bro. Eliseo Soriano because of his vast knowledge and courage in preaching the Word of God. Looking back, this event happened almost 23 years ago. I listened to him as he preached from July to October of 1989.

Later on, Bro. Efren, Ric, Lito and Rolan Antonio conducted a Bible Study in our place. They came riding a motorcycle. I was able to attend worship services earlier. During offertory, we were not permitted to give contributions, being non-members yet. I took this as a proof that this is the true Church of God mentioned in the Bible. I then asked Bro. Efren how I could join.

It was year 1989 when I was indoctrinated by Bros. Ato, Danny and Antonio de Leon. Finally, with God’s mercy, I was baptized in the Church of God on October 21, 1989 in Sulipan River by Bro. Daniel Razon and Ato Tobias.

My wife and I often fought when I became a member of the Church of God. I promised myself that when she becomes a member of the Church, I will enter the Workers’ Ministry. When I asked for an advice from Bro. More and Bro. Efren, they told me that I should court my wife again. I found it to be very effective. After nine months, she was baptized. I let her be acquainted with other brethren. With God’s mercy, she also now officiates baptism in our congregation.

As what I have promised to God, I joined the Workers’ Ministry. I was also encouraged by a Bible Study conducted by Sis. Luz, Bro. Danny, and Bro. Eli especially. I felt in my heart that I wanted to be worker. So even before Bro. Danny asked me if I wanted to, I had already made a decision.

Back then, I had started to work outside but I planned to leave my job. My boss who was a Seventh-day Adventist let me choose between my religion and my job. I was by then attending the ministerial classes.

I went to my assignment with Bro. Ato. When I decided to resign from my work, I was not aware that Sis. Baby, my wife, also had the same plan as mine. Since both of us were jobless, we sold some of our appliances because we ran out of resources. Although we were experiencing financial problems, I did not give up being a worker. My stand was “I can give up everything, but never my God.”

Later on, we were assigned to Hongkong. Sis. Baby’s relatives got angry with us because her mother was sick that time. We were not able to come home until her mother died. Then my mother also got seriously ill. My family was against my joining the Church of God, but thanks be to God, they were baptized in the church after 11 years.

I became a Baptizer on December 27, 1992. At first, I was apprehensive. I also felt the same when I became an Officer-in-Charge (OIC) on May 3, 1993 because I was not very familiar with the duties of an OIC. I also worried because of the great responsibility vested on me.

On the other hand, I felt happy to be entrusted with this kind of obligation. Now that I’ve been elevated to the position of a Minister-in-Charge (MIC) after years of service, I am more cautious. I always pray and ask help from God to give me more wisdom and strength to stay in the service to Him.

I believe that duty gives value to life, and that a life without a purpose is nothing. I am thankful that we have Bro. Eli, the messenger of God. I thank God that He called me to be in his flock with my family and loved ones. I always pray to God that we can all continue with our service to Him and that we can all be in His kingdom.

First published in Believer Newsmagazine, Feb. 2005


4 thoughts on “They told me that I Should Court my Wife again

  1. very inspiring story!especially to all husband and wife who are facing difficulties in their marriage. Thanks be to God!

  2. Me and my wife used to be separated and have separate lives we both even have an illegitimate child. But with God’s help and mercy all trouble minds and old wrong ways are now in the right track. I know I am weak and lacking but I am glad to see my wife and all of my kids serving Him. Thanks be to God for all the inexplicable and unspeakable gifts!

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