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They said the Holy Spirit was with me and that I spoke in Hebrew or Latin

I realize that my previous belief was just a chain of deceitfulness. I don’t know how I would have gotten out of this mess without the help of Bro. Eli and Bro. Daniel.

By Ritchel Caguicla

It was about four years ago when a prestigious program stole my curiosity and had me engaged into it. At that point, I was wandering to places where I could find peace and true salvation.

I was born and baptized under the spurious doctrines of the Born Again Christian Movement. My life was spent in a conceited way of living and believing that there is only one God although there are three characters involved. Meaning, number doesn’t matter.

I was then involved with their dubious manner of worship. For instance, I believed that I was blessed and was fortunate that the Holy Spirit was with me when I spoke different languages which they said was Hebrew or Latin. [However, I found it was not true but just a big lie!]

Consequently, I attended their invitations to Bible Expositions and Bible Studies. But there came a time wherein I had to decide whether I would leave my old belief or rather stay.

Later on, I found myself listening to the doctrines of the Church of God. There was an immense difference from what I used to believe in. I realized that my previous belief was just a chain of deceitfulness. I don’t know how I would have gotten out of this mess without the help of Bro. Eli Soriano and Bro. Daniel.

It appears close to an end but there are diverse fallacious religions hereabouts. I am apprehensive about people ignoring the opportunity to know the truth; they simply embark down any religion without much thinking.

Thanks to the sound preaching of the most sensible preacher of all times, I have successfully secured my salvation and now looking forward to its realization. Indeed, I recommend to anyone contemplating a move out from their organizations to deeply search for Members, Church of God International where I belong now; your souls really matter.

I am now enjoying my life simply and meaningfully, serving God and my brethren to the best of my ability. I’m secured and confident of where I am heading to. I have never experienced before how peaceful my everyday’s undertakings are until I found my genuine hope in the presence of God Almighty.

Indeed. My Father is sufficient in all I need. With God’s help, I, together with my husband and daughter, will continuously serve the Lord – even as we reach the dreams of our hearts.

Walking in the light of God. This principle brings me to the path where I am trekking right now. To God be the Glory.

Hello there, from Shanghai, China!


One thought on “They said the Holy Spirit was with me and that I spoke in Hebrew or Latin

  1. Its the same thing, most brethren had the same story as yours, back then I was one of the most eager member of our organization do not believe in religion, even though how eager am I, I am wanting for more inside me, my turning point was, I had too much doubt inside me I dont know why, when we kneel down to a senior Pastor they call for our ordination as a new ordained Pastors and after this, we separate our ways discussing things which tackle the doctrines of our group, and I wonder if this organization is true why this is happening and for more than five years I never join any group until such a time I heard the preaching of one of their pastor I presume for the first time in Guagua Dila dila where my mum and dad that time they said was under indoctrination, I was very angry that time to my mother and father because we were born again, I was only looking for a better group and I will guide them.

    During those time that when they start the indoctrination I was inside the room where I can hear every word they will utter, and I am ready to go out if I heard something that will trigger me to discussor to debate if necessary, From the start to finish I never I never hear any faulse teachings that I can counter. I keep silent until they are thru. And that was 1991 and for Gods mercy that He keeps me alive for eight years I joined the church together with my wife 1998.

    Now thanks be to God my eldest Son were baptized in the same faith active in curch activities the second one is a daughter who is now graduating in minesterial class in the church, and the youngest is already baptized three months ago and a choir member, what should I ask, God gave me huge blessings inspite a huge sinner in the past. To God be the Glory….

    Brother Carlito

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