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I am Thankful to God for Making a Total Overhaul of my Life

I already found him to be very knowledgeable about the Bible. He was also fearless in exposing anomalies in religion, and he was totally different from other pastors that I had listened to.

By Ato Tobias

It was in the year 1983 when Bro. More and Bro. Mar Morales were holding a public meeting in our barrio. I went to the venue of the meeting, not because I wanted to listen but because I wanted to ruin the proceedings.

However, because of fear, I failed to carry out my plan. My life had long been in turmoil; it only became orderly when I heard the teachings of God.

II finally got the chance to listen to Bro. Eliseo Soriano himself. The first time that I heard him, I already found him to be very knowledgeable about the Bible. He was also fearless in exposing anomalies in religion, and he was totally different from other pastors that I had listened to.

It was in the Old Central in Apalit, Pampanga that I first heard Bro. Eli preach. I really couldn’t explain what happened to me then. For reasons that I could not explain, I found myself crying as he expounded on the Word of God.

I believed everything that he said. I came to understand that there is, indeed, an organization that is of God that we ought to be a part of, for us to understand the Word of God in the Bible, and for us to be saved. Later on, I decided to join the Church of God.

I was baptized on January 7, 1984, 6:00 PM, at the river of San Marcos, Calumpit, Bulacan by Bro. Antonino de Castro.
As a new member of the Church, I also experienced tests and persecutions, specifically from my former peers. They were insistently tagging me along to a drinking spree but I did not go with them. More than anything else, the teachings of God that I received, through Bro. Eli, was of paramount importance to me.

I entered the Workers’ Ministry in 1985. My first place of assignment was in Tela Payong, Baliuag, Bulacan. At first, I was having second thoughts because I felt that I couldn’t do it, not to mention that I was already a family man. But through the mercy of God, I was able to overcome my apprehensions.

Up to now, I am able to continue with my duties as a worker. Perhaps this is the will of God for me. And just like other workers, I also had my share of difficulties ranging from financial problems, to intrigues, and other forms of tests. But through the help of God, they just made my faith stronger. In my tenth year in the ministry, I thought of stopping, but my love for my duty prevailed. This is why, until now, I am able to continue with my duty as a worker.

I became a baptizer in 1987. This is a very delicate duty that is why I exercised greater caution. In 1993, I became an Officer-in-Charge. I knew the great responsibility that went with this position; nevertheless, it made me so happy. Since 1994, up to the present, I have been tasked to head the Prison Ministry. In 2001, I became a Minister-in-Charge. I am truly thankful to God for giving me this significant position in the Church of God. I owe all these things to God. I am very grateful for being called to this congregation, for helping me turn away from my former wicked ways, and for making a total overhaul of my life.

My life changed so much since the time I was able to know our Lord Jesus Christ, through the preaching of Bro. Eli. I was completely transformed; and I was able to understand the teachings of God, which I did not learn from my former religion.

Although great responsibilities are vested on my shoulders, as an MIC, I am still happy because we have Bro. Eli and Bro. Daniel who are sincerely guiding us to attain eternal life.

First published in Believer Newsmagazine, Feb. 2005


3 thoughts on “I am Thankful to God for Making a Total Overhaul of my Life

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  2. Wowie, sis!

    Yes, Bro. Ato is really some character! He knows how to balance people. I think that God is using him fully in the ministry. That he is with the prison ministry means he can handle all sorts of smart alecs. Hehe!

  3. Bro. Ato Tobias was the one who baptized me in 1999. I remember him as a fierce Minister. It was the last day of our indoctrination and the candidates in different Locales were asked to gather in one place. That was somewhere in Calamba, Laguna (my Locale was in Pacita, San Pedro, Laguna).

    It was a big gathering then in 1999. The candidates were less than a hundred from Laguna alone. We, the candidates for baptism, did not arrive all together at once. In other words some were late. Bro. Ato asked the gathering if we can wait for the others who were already on their way to the venue.

    I, the proud one, (This what I have inherited from my being a catholic), stood up and told Bro. Ato, that some of us including myself, absented ourselves from our work to be on time. “This is not fair to everyone,” I told him. He looked at me and asked, “From where are you Sister?”

    To make the long story short, I was in the lookout. And it did not take long. At one point Bro. Ato had to impose suspension on me for something that I have done. After that suspension, I realized that, joining the Church is one thing. Following the doctrines at all cost is another thing. Being a catholic for more that 45 years had ingrained deep in me the values that were not in consistent with God. For me, it was a hard struggle.

    I thank God for the suspension. It made me more strong. And I also thank God for Bro. Ato Tobias who was steadfast in his duty as a Minister. And most of all I thank God unceasingly for my knowing the Church of God through Bro. Eliseo Soriano who opened my eyes to the wonder of salvation; and to Bro. Daniel Razon for being an example of a hard working servant of God.

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