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They were talking about how Brilliant and Candid this Preacher is. So it was Bro. Eli Soriano

In spite of the many kinds of beliefs and principles she was able to acquire, she died without finding whatever it is she was seeking for.

By Armie Salazar

Born from a family with a liberal orientation with regards to religion, I had no difficulty “going in” and “going out” of different faiths. By birth, I was a catholic.

My parents, especially my mother is, I could say, a “fanatic” when it comes to religion. I can still remember that when I was a child, she used to bring me along with her when she goes to church every Sunday and every time she visits the monastery in Cabuyao. I remember her as a devoted catholic at that time. My mother even actively led the “cursillo” recruitment in the parish.

At a very early age of seven, I was already familiar with the culture and tradition of the catholic religion. By the time I was ten, my mother met someone who is engaged in spiritism. She was convinced to leave her catholic belief and then she delved into this mysterious sect. A few years later, she went back to the catholic roots through the charismatic movement, “El Shaddai,” then finally shifted to the “Born Again.”

In spite of the many kinds of beliefs and principles she was able to acquire, she died without finding whatever it is she was seeking for. Her thirst for that “something” was not able to be quenched by any of the organizations she went into, no matter how she deeply involved herself into each one.

In most of my teen-age years, I hated her for being so religious because I thought of her and her sisters-in-faith as self-righteous and superficial. I admit she had influenced me in so many ways, however. I, too, had this thirst for the “truth” that my mother failed to find.

Liberal as I can be, I’ve learned to listen and to try various things in order to satisfy my curiosity – from simple to even diverse things. I thought I was not doing any thing wrong as long as I did not hurt anybody. I believed in God and I am fearful when thought of hell entered my mind.

It was in the year 2000, when I first heard of this interesting program on television. My colleagues were talking about it. They were talking about how brilliant and candid this certain preacher is, as he answers people’s inquiry about the Bible. So it was Bro. Eli Soriano, as they called him.

As I watched his program “Itanong mo kay Soriano” that night, I was amused at his wit and sense of humor. Hours later, I just found myself glued to the screen until the program signed off.

It became a nightly routine to go to Channel 21 and be amused and entertained. That was just it in the beginning – an entertainment. Later, it became a daily habit that’s hard to break – from plain amusement at Bro. Eli’s argument to the realization of the practical and the logical truth he was trying to teach.

“Eureka!” The purpose of life. The very truth which all of humankind search all their life to understand. The Supreme Being. The One True God whom we owe so much.

Bro. Eli Soriano was able to make me understand and recognized these truths, which my mother, all her life had been searching for – the truth about God and His Son and His plan for man…his plan for ME.”

At that very moment in my solitude, I just found myself crying before the television, overwhelmed by the strong emotion inside of me.

Finally, I decided to follow the direction Bro. Eli is talking about – the old path to salvation which is written in the Bible.

I started serving God in the rightful manner and since then I never looked back but rather look ahead towards that goal of eternal life through the help of God and His Son.


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