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They are the Most Likely to get to Live in Some of God’s Many Mansions

To be or not to be…Humble

By Lani Yu

Can you recall the first time that you encountered the word “humility”? I suppose not many people can, but most would probably reckon that it was at some time during their high school days that the word somehow popped up into their consciousness from some textbook, dictionary or other reference material, a certain novel, in the news or a feature item or in a teen article.

It must have been about forty-nine years ago or during my mid-teen years that I started to notice the word. To me, it was a “no big-deal” – nothing more than an 8-letter word that I had to mentally take note of for homework, class recitation or feature items that I may be later asked to write about in our school paper.

As the years rolled by, I started to realize that humility is a virtue that I can use as a gauge to differentiate friends who are trustworthy from those who are not. And now, as an elderly woman trying to walk along God’s path, I discovered an even more startling reality: no one can become a saint or even as much as just aspire to go to heaven without first becoming truly humble. Holy men do not only love but are also deeply humble persons totally devoid of the preoccupation of oneself.

Humility comes in many guises but true humility can only be found in one who is honest, patient, loving, kind and selfless. I believe it is the foundation of all virtues and the key to true love, which is God’s number one commandment.

Nobody can hope to follow Christ without learning to be humble. All the saints and the good people I know like Bro. Eli Soriano, Bro. Daniel Razon and all the faithful ministers, leaders and workers in the Church of God are humble people. They are the most likely to get to live in some of God’s many mansions because that is how God wants us to be – totally aware of every man’s helplessness without Him.

Therefore, the whole thing finally boils down to this: shall we choose to be or not to be humble? Standing in line too long when somebody comes along cutting corners and slipping in line before you without you becoming cross is humility. Making way so an elderly beggar can slowly pass in front of you is an act of humility and kindness.

Admitting our mistakes is humility. Saying sorry for an omission to a much younger person or sibling is also humility. Making reparations for a wrong act requires a lot of humility and so does loving God with our whole heart, mind and soul.

As we can see, being humble is not always an easy thing to do but so, too, is going to heaven’s way.


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