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Because a Lot of People Want him Dead

People who envy his Bible prowess, of which he surely had been blessed with by the Holy Spirit, hate him

By Corazon G. Telingban

The whole world is asking who this very phenomenal person is.

Answer: He is a humble Filipino Bible genius.


Why? Because a lot of people want him dead.

But why?

Because of his frankness in speaking the truth, all based on the Bible; no more, no less.

People who envy his Bible prowess, of which he surely had been blessed with by the Holy Spirit, hate him because they cannot compete with him.

Bro. Eliseo Soriano is the Bible preacher who accepts any question that your heart desires to ask and impromptu, he would answer you all based on the Bible, complete with the book title, chapter and verse for you to check if he is telling the truth. He has a program titled, “Itanong mo kay Soriano, Biblia ang Sasagot” (Ask Soriano, the bible will answer).

Many in the Philippines have transferred religions after the eye opening Bible Expositions held by his group in different places all over the archipelago and now all over the world.

The preacher’s dream to spread the true gospel of Jesus Christ, which before he thought was impossible, turned out to be very possible with the aid of technology.

For the Members of the Church of God, International, headed by Bro. Eli, we look up at him as the big brother who leads the way to righteousness. Many in the congregation that he leads are persons who lived a life not knowing the words of God and its effect on men but later on, they turned to be believers with all their vices removed after joining the group and getting themselves baptized in the Holy Spirit.

Bro. Eli’s frankness in delivering the gospel gave him a lot of enemies, and among them are leaders of different religions whose purpose is to make business out of the words of God.

Bro. Eli’s frankness and eye opening truth about the real teachings of Jesus Christ led to an exodus of people from all religious groups who found themselves listening to the Mass Indoctrination sessions and later on were baptized in the manner that God wanted them to be baptized.

Where? In the Church of God where God is calling people to be holy.


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