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He is a Noted Antagonist of False Preachers and their Protégés

I began looking up to him as a paradigm and with that, I saw myself having a sense of direction.

By Bob Aguas

Personality psychology defines “introvert” as “geared to inspect.” In a large social setting, introverts tend to be quiet, low-key, deliberately engaged in non-social activities. They gain energy when alone performing solitary activities and tend to enjoy intense, one-on-one or one-to-few social interactions. Introverts will have their own ideas and therefore, will do things their own way, often trying something new.

Being inadequate in keeping up communication with others, courtesy of my excessive shyness, I spent idly my teenage years suffering from schizoid personality disorder. I was a borderline anti-social. Rebelling was my way of defending my weakness. Along with that were anti-social behavior; vices, school fights and impudence towards school authorities. I lacked the willingness to be organized to ensure the direction of the path I was leading to.

It was 1997 when my relative introduced me to this television program called “Ang Dating Daan” and coined it as “the true religion.” With soaring amount of curiosity which started from the day I turned in the program, I watched it religiously.

Always awestruck whenever the famous host/preacher answers the seemingly enigmatic questions regarding faith and Biblical information, I found myself an instant follower. It did not need enormous exertion for me to be convinced about what my relative coined then as “the true religion.”

For years of patronizing the program, it never occurred to me that it was also introducing a church. It also said that self-practicing the teachings of the sensible host/preacher was not enough for someone to be called a Christian.

I thought it was a freelance religious program which does not require viewers to get affiliated with them. I was unaware that the doctrines I have heard of were just a tip of the radish.

The more I got to learn from the program and its organization, the wider scope of its concern made me realize that we are living with an urban counterpart of the prophetic times in the personality of the man famously called Bro. Eli Soriano.

This man is a paragon of benevolent advocacy by the truth-seekers. At the same time he is a noted antagonist of false preachers and their protégés. I began looking up to him as a paradigm and with that, I saw myself having a sense of direction.

Eventually, through meticulous teaching of the doctrines of the true Christian faith, the man widely regarded as the vessel of spiritual knowledge soon introduced me to someone who must be the righteous paragon of lifestyle and faith – the One who called each one of us to practice equity and perfect faith – our Redeemer, the Lord Jesus Christ.

In sum, if I was once in a disturbing psychological state that holds the definition of “setting one’s own standard and doing things carelessly,” under our Creator’s mercy, I became a reformed living soul – through Bro. Eliseo Soriano.

And through God’s help, with my full willingness and determination, I will always remain humbly waiting for the realization of the promise for those who will succeed until the end.


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