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They are not what Evil Persons Narrate without End

I would always wait for that program because of the debates happening between them and another TV Station. They attacked each other.

By Martes Ganaden

In the midst of building up a career, I found happiness in whatever the world would bring. You earn money while you work; you are able to spend for vices; you have things you want; you are able to satisfy your urges. Life seemed perfect this way!

One night, while so much filled for cares of this life, I couldn’t sleep as if that night was likened to a day. I was looking for something to relieve my boredom, even with those things I am not used to. Tuning into the Radio AM band, I heard the broadcast of the “Ang Dating Daan” (The Old Path). That made me remember the television program “Ang Dating Doon.” Once in a while, I watched this comedy program during my college days. With the radio program, that was my first encounter. I was just having fun.

I reviewed for the board exam. It was hard but finally my goal was reached. I became what I should be, the best of what I can be because I am truly me. I enjoyed the pedestal of my success, as if I got nothing more to ask for. But then I got married having no earning at all and began hunting for work without worries for indeed I was at my best.

I wondered why despite my efforts, I couldn’t find work, even with those that give very little income. All those companies seemed blind they couldn’t see my experiences, my credentials which I believed was great.

One night, turning on to the TV where I kept on changing channels, I saw a new station for me: UNTV 37. Wait a minute; this is the TV version of the AM program where I listened to as pastime! I became excited.

Every night, I would always wait for that program not because I like the verses of the Bible but because of the debates happening between them and another TV Station. They attacked each other. But I was able to compare Ang Dating Daan (The Old Path) and Ang Tamang Daan (The Right Path) in Net 25, their differences, what they say, and the behaviour of the speakers.

As time passed by I felt something, but I couldn’t decipher my feelings. Finally, I made my decision.

“Welcome to the Ang Dating Daan Mass Indoctrination” said that program! During those times, there were two job offers, after almost two years of searching. “God let me earn money first and I will go back to you later.”

Not God’s will? Not even one company was left for me. What explanation can I make? Deeper boredom filled my days. “Huwag magpatumpik-tumpik!” (Don’t procrastinate!) shouted that preacher of Ang Dating Daan. “If you have found something good; don’t procrastinate, do it fast!”

I was able to locate where these people worshipped and tried listening to them. My story is just like a script but it’s not.

Before I was even to finish the indoctrination sessions, God gave me the job I needed. Eleven days after I started my job, I received the holy baptism. Incomparable joy filled my being! I then learned the result of following God’s will.

Thanks be to God for his unspeakable gift! For his mercy upon me that he brought me to this church, into The Church of God and have known Brother Eli and Brother Daniel. They’re truly preachers sent by God according to the Bible and not what evil persons narrate without end.

I pray that my love ones, my friends, our fellow people will soon experience this. To God be the Glory!

Note: Ang Tamang Daan (The right path) is a poor counterfeit of the successful radio-tv program of Eliseo Soriano which he started in 1980. Named Ang Dating Daan, Soriano’s program has reaped several awards in the Philippines and the United States.

Ang Tamang Daan is a program of the Iglesia ni Cristo in Net 25. A great portion of it is dedicated to maligning Soriano who is known for exposing false preachers and false practices.


2 thoughts on “They are not what Evil Persons Narrate without End

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  2. The devil is the master of counterfeits, the king of imitation.

    Ang Dating Daan becomes “Ang Tamang Daan” but announces not the right but the wrong way. Truthcaster Soriano now has an enemy also named “truthcaster” but all he does is spread lies about the preacher.

    He is not a writer, though. He focuses on the negatives- hitting on the preacher’s illness because he has nothing else to say.

    Let us be media literate, lest we fall prey to their tactics. Good, you were able to discern.

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