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Cry aloud, Spare Not! Let the Whole World Know what we have Found

Eventually, I dropped all other beliefs for I was seeking the truthfulness of teachings by the crying aloud of Bro. Eli all over the world.

By Ken Suhrie

I was so timid when I was young. I was born a Catholic and always followed what my auntie said who always told me what to do, as if she owned me. She would often cut my hair and dressed me up on her style. I then looked boyish and skinny. She would always want me to be in the church and participate in all of the activities being performed there. So, I grew up with her and was greatly influenced by her thoughts acquired from the doctrines of the Catholic Church.

I was part of the youth organization and was given a duty as a secretary of “Legion of Mary”. I was also assigned to be a collector of money from every children or youth Mass, was a member of the choir and was both a Filipiniana and Modern dance hoofer during special occasion in the church. My life as a Catholic went like this which is why I first said it molded me as young person in faith. I also had a friend in the orphanage whom I always spoke with and who discussed his life inside.

I continued to obey my aunt for I understood that it was good and because I steadily enjoyed the company of the youth in the Church. That was until we had a new priest assigned in our location; all of what I believed was upright started to vanish.

As I grew up more, I extremely became observant and begin to discern the iniquities of this church. I saw our priest drink liquor and smoke when he mingled with some of the members. Also, my aunt said, based on circulating stories and an investigation made that there was a collector who got money from the collection to spend for her daily needs. In my young mind, I was surprised at what I heard.

My mind started to ask questions and delve into the truth on what life really is. I continued to search and be more meticulous in dealing with people and their principles, as well as their kind of organization. It might influence me in the end if I did not take heed.

I lived my life as it was, until I moved in to another place because of the death of my loving grandma. I continued my life far from the place where I born and just concentrated on my studies. One day, I found myself watching this religious program in RJTV 29 titled “Ang Dating Daan” in my cousin’s place. I did not have any idea what this program was all about because of its odd title. I just watched and saw Bro. Eli Soriano who bravely answered questions of faith. I found the program interesting because of the way the preacher spelled out the teachings made by the different religious organizations.

I suddenly found myself with my college friends attending a Bible Exposition held at the Technological University of the Philippines (TUP) in Manila on November 23, 1999 after our class. I signed in as a guest and intended to ask questions and to have a free bible. However, due to time constraints of the program I wasn’t called to ask. In spite of this, something really amazing happened. I saw my high school pal which I had not seen for a long time and he happens to be a church worker. We were both happy to see each other on that day. Then, he gave me a free bible and asked Bro. Eli to sign it in front of me. It was really an awe-inspiring day for me!

As I was starting to get hooked in listening to and watching the program, a relative invited me to their church. I went along but I discerned that what his pastor was saying is far different from the knowledge I previously heard from “The Old Path” preacher. They were both reading the same bible; however, I found his pastor’s explanations obscure compared to what I heard from Bro. Eli.

Eventually, I dropped all other beliefs for I was seeking the truthfulness of teachings by the crying aloud of Bro. Eli all over the world. From him, I understood the importance of having long hair for the women, why God wants us to dress modestly, how we should live life in a Christian way and many other great things we should know in order for us to be saved.

On April 16, 2000, I gave thanks to the Lord for what was happening in my life. Then I got baptized. I thank God for my stay here in the church for eight years and half months now. Although hardships came into my life there is a promise given by Him that in His kingdom there will be no more pain.

I am really thankful because I am in His church now and He continues to give me an opportunity to do good things in His will. Most of all, He gave us Bro. Eli in our life to know what really life is about, especially living a life with God. We can live without all the riches in the world, even without our loved ones in this world, as long as we have God in our life.

Cry aloud, spare Not; let the whole world know what we have found – the leader of the truth. I thank God I found Him in my life through Bro. Eli’s being.

To God be the Glory.


One thought on “Cry aloud, Spare Not! Let the Whole World Know what we have Found

  1. I want to know why women needs to have long hair and why we have to dress modestly.Where in the bible can I find it.Thank you.

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