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Where I am now is the Only True Church I ever Needed in my Life

By Hannah K. Daguro

Even when I was still young, I believed that I have already found the truth and I thank God that He has let me. If I would trace back my history as to how I became a Christian, it would go back to the time when my father decided to join the congregation of the Members, Church of God International (MCGI).

I was in sixth grade when my father started to attend the mass indoctrination of the Ang Dating Daan (The Old Path). I knew that he was attending because he would bring me along to the locale.
While in the church yet not a member, I got involved with the Kawan Ng Cordero (Flock of the Lambs) and I would say that those days really brought me up to who I have become now.

It was here where I really understood what the Church stood for. I learned why it is essential for women to dress modestly and to keep their hair long. I also learned about the different Biblical stories and topics which are not usually introduced in schools. It is good that the topics were introduced to me from a child’s point of view. I could really say that being a KNC has helped to ignite the fire which is now burning in me as a Christian.

As years passed by, I grew older and eventually I had to move to the groups of older members as a KKTK Junior. During these times, I realized that being a Christian requires a lot of attention. I found it quite hard to cope because I was involved with almost every activity in school that I found myself slowly turning away from my Christian life. Nevertheless, I still attended the Worship Services and Prayer Meetings.

I never forgot to pray before and after sleeping and before every meal but I felt something missing in me. If the KNC ignited the fire inside me as a Christian, being a KKTK Junior made me realize that igniting the fire was not enough. I have to keep it burning and never let anyone take that away from me.

By the time I graduated from high school, I had decided myself to attend the mass indoctrination, a month after my father did. “Before I get any worse,” I thought. For a couple of weeks, every night, I did my best to finish the Indoctrination sessions. On May 11, 2007, I was baptized at exactly 1:02 PM and it felt like no other feeling in the world. I can never forget that day. I felt so light like all my burdens had vanished.

It never came to my mind that receiving the Holy Baptism would actually change my life as a person. I thought that it will only be like those times when I was still with the KNC. But it became different because there was more responsibility. I knew it was going to be hard but I was willing to bear all the sufferings because I knew it will lead me to our hope of achieving eternal life.

For whatever reason, I thank God because He called me into His Church. I thank Him because among all other people in the world, I was blessed to receive this gift from Him even if I know I am not worthy of it. I earnestly pray that He will help me to get through all these and that He will guide me through my Christian life. I thank Him for giving Bro. Eli and Bro. Daniel to us as His messengers in this generation because without them I know I will actually be nothing. Without them, I wouldn’t have heard the wonderful message from God.

How I came to know the truth is indeed a long story. A yellow pad would not be enough to tell every detail of the story. But I know one thing is for sure – where I am now is the only true Church I ever needed in my life, I wouldn’t have asked for more.

Note: MCGI is more popularly known by its radio-TV program, Ang Dating Daan (The Old Path).

KNC refers to the Church’s Kawan Ng Cordero (Flock of the Lambs) which constitutes young people from age 14 and below.

KKTK is the Youth Ministry of the Church composed of a group of unmarried individuals, 20 years old and above who take active roles in various Church functions such as volunteer works, missionary works, theater and choir singing, among others.


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