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I wasted no time to look for him

Now, I am more sure of holding on and living on to God’s teachings

By Francisca “Nancy” Villegas

What is this truth about? Why do I need to know it? How does it benefit my life? As a human person, it is my natural desire to know my origin, my reason of existence, and my destination after this life. Since childhood I searched painstakingly the answers to my questions.

Born in the Catholic religion, I used to dream of serving God when I become an adult. I used to believe that if I find God, He will relieve all the pains of mistreatment, force of hunger and injustices done to me. The relationship gap in my family had widened due to my non-conformance to my family’s fanaticism of ‘quack doctors’ and traditions.

At an early age of 16, I was put off from home by force because they didn’t want me to go against their faith. I went to Manila and became an errand girl to a Sister Superior of the Carmelites. While working in the day, I studied at night. When the time came for me to be professed, the Bishop sent me to Rome, Italy.

My life there did not get any better because the Catholic faith is not biblical. There were more pretenses to be holy and there were more mistakes and wrong interpretations of the Bible. I was there for two years and I was fired out of the convent because of my attempt to advice and help the sister who had an illicit relationship with a priest. I was misunderstood and so I was fired out from the convent.

It was painful for me to lose my years of endeavor for holiness just because of that incident. In order to relieve my pain, I decided to go to school again. Then I came to live with my blood sisters in Manila. It so happened that we used to watch Bro. Eli’s broadcast in SBN 21.

While watching him, the heaviness in my heart disappeared in a very short time. Then I wasted no time to look for him. When I found him, I joined in the congregation. From that time on I resorted to be trained in the different departments.

Through Bro. Eliseo Soriano, I have come to know God, His love and my respective duties as a creature to Him. Now, I am more sure of holding on and living on to God’s teachings because I am also sure that Bro. Eli is the True Messenger of God in this age whereby, true salvation is obtained.

“Whoever perseveres to the end will be saved” and I will be if I will truly abide by Bro Eli’s teachings which are the teachings of our Lord Jesus Christ.


2 thoughts on “I wasted no time to look for him

  1. Reblogged this on mateopage and commented:
    When I heard the preaching of Bro. Eli Soriano and realized he spake the truth, I really wanted to see and hear him personally, because the previous days of my life, I was seeking for the true religion, that one in the Bible, although I have not known yet there is true one written in the scripture.

    But because of too many hindrances, many years had passed and I am very fortunate to be alive still and met this preacher of God, not in person but through his advocacy.

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