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If I could Live One Day of my Life again, which Day would it be?

By Celine Bautista

The day I had the chance to see the religious program “And Dating Daan – Itanong mo Kay Soriano” (Ask Bro. Eli) hosted by Bro. Eliseo Soriano.

“Ang Dating Daan” or The Old Path is a live religious program hosted by Bro. Eliseo Soriano, wherein you can ask questions anything and everything under the sun and most especially about your faith. Bro. Eli as we fondly call him will then reply according to the bible. Never in my 45 years as a catholic, have I heard a person so knowledgeable of citing verses from the bible to support his responses.

In my years as a catholic, I seldom go to mass. If I go, it has to be because my dress was new. During those times I was confused because I can see the devotion of my friends in their being a catholic. I thought there was something wrong with me.

When I was baptized in the Church of God International, everything about me changed. My perspective and my priorities are not the same as before. I lost most of my friends and my family does not understand me at all.

My father is an intelligent person in his own right. When he learned that I changed from being a catholic to join the Church of God International, he did not say anything. He and my mother (deceased) are devout catholic.

The time has come that we do not go to the same church anymore; nor do we celebrate the same occasion anymore. How painful it is to leave your family and go on to a path which you know is right. It is more painful that other people believe more in the faith you embraced than the people closest to you.

When I was young I was easily contented with what my father and mother had to offer. Normally we did not have things that other families have, but it did not matter to me. After all, my parents gave us something that some parents failed to give their children, like education.

I remember, when I was young that I was attacked by asthma; my father would bundle me up in my blanket and carried me in his arms and almost running to bring me to the nearest clinic, with my mother in tow.

In my adult life, when I had again an attack of asthma, my father offered me his back to lean on, just to ease the misery I had, if nothing else. Yes, those are the kind of parents I have.

But, there came a time when I have to make the biggest decision of my life. And so, because of my high regard in Bro. Eliseo Soriano’s knowledge of the bible, I made my decision almost 10 years ago. My daughter Melissa, 20, is with me in this Church too. In fact, she is a regular worker in the division of LBMR.

My wish is for my son Martin and my family to find the thing they have wanted in life: my faith.

And so, IF I COULD LIVE ONE DAY OF MY LIFE AGAIN WHICH DAY WOULD IT BE? The day I can embrace Bro. Eli and say; “Before I was blind, through you I am now able to see”.

Thanks be to God.

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One thought on “If I could Live One Day of my Life again, which Day would it be?

  1. your story touched my heart Sis Celyn. I also longing to see Bro. Eli in person, embrace and thank him. I was baptized year 2007 that is why I have no chance to see him for he left the country as early as 2005 .

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