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A Funny Truth of Knowing the Truth

By Cecile I. Vizcaya

Knowing the truth can sometimes come in a peculiar and funny way. Consider mine.

I belonged formerly to a born-again family, and since I was influenced by the doctrines of the church, I believed that the teachings I have absorbed were Biblical, and that the born again movement was true. That was, until I met Bro. Eli.

It all started with Bubble Gang; I could still remember that funny encounter with Bro. Pete and his “Ang Dating Doon.” I thought that it was an original concept of the show, but when I saw Bro. Eli greeting the show during its anniversary, I wondered for a time, “Why did Bubble Gang create a pun of him?” That inquiry started the search.

I found Bro. Eli over RJTV 29 back in 2000. My fascination for “Ang Dating Daan” turned into interest, and the interest turned to delight. Every night, when the family is gathered around the dinner table, we make Bro. Eli’s show a part of the meal. And whenever Friday arrives, my fondness would revert from “Ang Dating Doon” to “Ang Dating Daan.” I believe that God used it as an instrument for me to turn from gag show fascination to a better form of interest – religion, that is.

Before dozing off, I would wait for him over the radio until midnight. I developed a “waking” habit. Bro. Eli molded in me a good reason to stay awake until the most meaningful and productive hours of sleep. But I had no regrets; I continued my midnight habit. In other words, listening to Bro Eli’s programs has become my ritual.

And what about “the funny bone?” Well, Bro. Eli supplied that. Although my time for watching gag shows were lessened, there was nothing more hilarious than hearing, for the first time, absurd, geeky, and out-of-this-world facts about religious fraud that was revealed to me, thanks to God, Bro. Eli unwrapped them for me.

Listening daily to Bro. Eli became my best form of relaxation and source of insight. His talks are inspirational – each word is full. His manner is convincing.

I’m not into speaking vulgar language prior to my affiliation with the Church of God, and even not after baptism. But one thing which pulled me closer to listening further to Bro. Eli was what other people refer to as his frankness and badmouthing, for some. No, Bro. Eli is not a ‘badmouth’. He is just sincere; he is saying things as they are.

I have not personally acquainted myself with Bro. Eli but when I got the chance of asking him a question, I was completely convinced. “This is it,” I said to myself. The feeling was more than winning a million dollars, or more.

I was baptized after a month of indoctrination. Thanks be to God!

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4 thoughts on “A Funny Truth of Knowing the Truth

  1. Your story shows how God uses every situation possible to let His child know the truth.

    And this also proves how effective Bro. Eli Soriano is as a speaker. No matter how he present Biblical facts, be it in a serious or a funny manner, he always captures people’s attention because of his definite and unarguable statements.

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