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Eventually I found Holes in the Catholic Doctrines: the Anti-Biblical Teachings of the Vatican

By Joseph Vizcarra

Like most Filipinos, I was born in the Roman Catholic faith. I was never a devout Catholic but I had always been willing to believe whatever good, insightful and wise things anyone would say.

Growing up, I started reading the Bible. Actually my private readings were confined only to the book of Genesis and the book of Revelations. Perhaps, unconsciously I wanted to claim that I have read the Bible from the first book to the last. And of course, I did so but it was through the back flip.

Eventually I found holes in the Catholic doctrines. These were the anti-Biblical teachings of the Vatican. In my mind, the holes grew bigger and bigger until they became windows that would let in the light later on.

Little by little I have come to believe that the search for truth itself is my religion. From being a Catholic, I became a “semi-Catholic.” That was in high school.

At the climax of my college years I came to embrace one doctrine after the other, one philosophy after the other, one belief after the other…until I fell into the ditch of Theosophy, a neo-Hindu belief in occultism.

I came to know the truth at a time in my life that I was no longer looking for it. At that time, I thought Theosophy was the truth. The harsh realities of my troubled marriage, however, forced me to entertain doubts. I asked myself, “How could something so true be so utterly useless? How could Theosophy not have practical answers to my very real pains?”

I have all but given up on the Bible and Christian pastors of all denominations. Then I have realized, wait, I haven’t listened to Bro. Eli Soriano yet; that odd ball of a preacher who wouldn’t mind excusing himself before blowing his nose in front of a TV audience. Yes, that Brother Eli. I can’t say I have heard them all unless I listened to Brother Eli, and so I did.

It’s been about six years since. I am now on my fifth year in the Church of God. Looking back, I thought God has saved the best for last.

I’ve been searching for the truth all my life. When finally God did grant my heart’s secret prayer, at last, there’s simply no turning back.

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3 thoughts on “Eventually I found Holes in the Catholic Doctrines: the Anti-Biblical Teachings of the Vatican

  1. truly if our belief has no strong foundation, we will easily persuaded by the others and another until we satisfied. But once search is over and such foundation is immovable, nothing can shake our belief. And yes, we are lucky indeed to found such immovable foundation in Church of God through Bro. Eli Soriano. Thanks be to God He called us in His fold.

    • I definitely agree with you, sis. truly if our belief has no strong foundation, we will easily persuaded by the others and another until we satisfied. I have been also like him who was a “semi-catholic”. i was raised a catholic and learned all the teachings by just accepting what the catechists are talking. but I know that I used to feel this feeling of being unsatisfied with what we believe throughout my life.

      For me, it was like a miracle for me how I discovered Bro. Eli last year after a long series of events in searching for the truth. I really can’t believe how fast I accepted all his biblical teachings. After about two months of watching and reading his Q&As, bible expos over the internet, I really felt the urge to completely leave the catholic church and be baptized. Now, I am in my 5th month in the church of God. I am still really grateful and forever will be grateful to Him for His highest calling. salamat sa Dios!

  2. God looks to any man’s heart if they seek first where is the truth about His kingdom then it will came when you are in His way to hear His words and see His unspeakable gifts thru your hearts.

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