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I have Never Seen any Pastor like Him who has Memorized the Whole Bible


By Sol Salazar

Choosing a reliable pastor can be deceiving. But one should exert extra effort to identify the best church, now that there are thousands of religious sects continuously being introduced in our time. Anyone can be misled, unless one is meticulous in terms of salvation.

I have been curious about the real existence of God since my elementary grades. I would even ask myself if God really listens to my prayers. Although most of them were answered, still, I had doubts.

I was born Catholic (I had no choice). Most of the priest’s sermon usually turned into speeches or dialogues. At best, they were the best actors in a modern Filipino drama.

I tend to try joining other religious groups to see something new and to experience a more rewarding environment. It became my routine to change, compare and shift to another religion. All I knew at that moment was that all churches that exist were serving the same God and use one book, the Bible. I was not bothered therefore, even if I was attending different congregations and tracking strange doctrines.

Believe it or not, I have tried joining all these religious groups (aside from Catholic): El Shaddai, Jesus Miracle Crusade, Born Again, UNIDA Church, Jehovah’s Witness and Iglesia Ni Cristo.

I also watched religious programs such as Friends Again, The 700 Club, Oras ng Katotohanan (The hour of truth), Oras ng Himala (The hour of miracle), and The Kingdom of Jesus Christ, the Name above every Name of Mr. Apollo Quiboloy. I would assessed them to choose the best one. But I failed to find the best among them.

Most of their doctrines are all the same and repeated once in a while. There were pastors who brought their notes with them so that they will have a guide whenever they forgot something. And the bad this is, they read it in front of the congregation.

I felt ashamed of myself in observing weird practices taught by these false religions. For example, raising both hands while carrying a wallet, an egg or a gallon of water; speaking in tongues that could hardly be understood; placing hands on the television screen while praying with the program host; applying so-called “miracle oil”, offering tithes, catching a knotted handkerchief with 3 to 4 balls of lime fruits inside which was thrown by the pastor while believing that there is a lucky charm or healing effect on it, and so many others.Well, I have learned my lesson.

I have understood the truth through watching one of the famous religious programs, “Ang Dating Daan” (The Old Path). Bro Eliseo F. Soriano is really a great, peculiar man for being a Bible expert.

I have never seen any pastor like him who can memorize the whole Bible, including punctuation marks (believe it or not). He speaks all throughout with sense, saying only the truth and nothing but the truth, “He is really a man of God, truly sent by God,” I said to myself.

Tears fell from my eyes while viewing the program. I have never expected that the pastor I have been searching for throughout my life truly existed! I was stunned to witness such man who can genuinely follow and preach wholly the doctrines of Jesus Christ. It is clearly seen on Bro Eli’s words and actions. Yes, I finally found it. EUREKA!

Because Bro. Eli really made me laugh, I found his program a religious, yet an entertaining show. It became my routine to watch him to entertain myself. Sometimes I prepare food as though I am watching a movie. Whenever I would drift to sleep for a while then wake up, still, it was Bro. Eli I saw, preaching without ceasing, 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. No other religious preacher in our time can do the same thing that he does!

With continuous listening to Bro. Eli’s teachings based on the Bible, and hearing the doctrines of Jesus Christ, I finally decided to be baptized. I am very glad now that I became a member of the true Church of God, International.

I wish I came to know Bro. Eli earlier than 2001 (the year I was baptized). I am sure I have missed a lot of Biblical topics. Anyway, I just need to be present always in any Church gathering for me to learn of more mysteries in the Bible, to grow in faith and to continue in the things which I have learned and have been assured of, knowing of whom I have learned them (II Timothy 3:14).

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2 thoughts on “I have Never Seen any Pastor like Him who has Memorized the Whole Bible

  1. it is a way for all of us to be save in the coming damnation…
    Thanks be to God for giving us true preachers, in person of Bro.Eli and Bro.Daniel…

    they memorized the Bible by heart 🙂

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