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If He is Impious, why does He Understand what Others can’t?


By Christiana Irel Davila

Never in my whole life have I met a man like him.

Questions which I have held back for a long time bombarded from deep inside me when I first heard him speak. I knew at once when I first heard his preaching that there was something peculiar about this man.

The things that he spoke of are truly the most magnificent things I have ever heard of all my life. I have heard many great people speak, but unlike the others, there was something extraordinary, something special about him that immediately caught my attention. In this world where hypocrisy, violence and chaos surge everywhere, this man is of great necessity in our lives than anybody else.

We must face the reality that we, the people in this world, need someone who can fortify our souls morally and spiritually and not someone who lures people through enticing words for his own benefit. We are badly in need of a true messenger of God – someone who would bring those lost ones in the darkness into light, someone who would bring people into piousness.

I am proud to say that I am one of those lucky people who have witnessed this man’s struggle – the almost unbearable hard works in order to reach out to all the people in every nation in the world.

I must say, he is a man who still believes in the good seed sowed to every man’s heart when our Almighty Creator made us. He also believes that some people need to hear the gospel to rid themselves with their vague existence on earth, to follow the Lord and hold on to the hope of salvation.

He believes that we are only a victim of higher authorities, principalities of the vast darkness which envelope this world. This foremost wickedness governing the world and its allies tailing behind it are the ones he is set to destroy – through the wisdom that was given to him by the Almighty God.

He is not a charmer like everybody else, especially when it comes to preaching the gospel of our Lord. He speaks naturally without the slightest hypocrisy in him. He is frank, precise and sincere in telling the truth.

His preaching is certainly enthralling to the believers of the Word of God, but a threat to its enemies. He is a man who merely finished high school but one who exposes the corrupt, wicked activities of people and hidden agendas of systems through biblical verses. He bares the vain, blurry self-interpretations of some people who assert to be highly-educated preachers sent by the Lord in these days.

This is a man who certainly knows what he is saying, practices what he preaches and fears GOD in every way. This man is none other than Bro. Eli Soriano, indisputably the only sensible preacher in our time.

So, to all his detractors, to all cynics, I believe that there is nothing they can say or nothing they can do that will bring this man’s integrity to nought. There is nothing they can do that could daunt him from exposing the truth, in his preaching the word of God.

Whatever they may say against him or whatever lies they may accuse him of, one thing remains palpable: the wisdom that is in him cannot be found in other preachers claiming to be the authentic messengers of God.

If Bro. Eli Soriano is as impious as what they accuse him to be, then why is it that what he understands is not found in these preachers or religious leaders claiming to be the holy ones? They can indict him with all the wickedness and evildoings that they themselves are guilty of.

One thing remains clear: the Bible clearly states in the book of Daniel 9:10 that no one among the wicked shall understand the Word of God. The understanding that was imparted to Bro Eli Soriano is not among anyone else in this world.

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