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Every Night I Cried Out to Ask for Truth to Cure my Soul of its Emptiness

A Thirsty Soul

By Josephine Navarro

My search for the truth started when I was 22 years old. At an early age, I had gone through the pleasures of being a teenager indulging in different kinds of vices.

I came to realize that everything I had gone through in my life ended with nothing. There is still that feeling of emptiness and loneliness as if there is still something lacking in me. I don’t know what it was, though in my early age, I tasted the bliss of life the world can offer.

But it all became tiring. Perhaps because of what I saw, felt and heard around me which were all mere vanity, selfishness, hatred and evil deeds that I came to a point that I hated myself because I took part in it.

I didn’t know how to escape from all these things and my last recourse was the thought of ending my life but my conscience dictated otherwise. There is still something I want to do, but I don’t know what it was. I consulted a priest and asked for confession and guidance, but it didn’t heal my soul.

My witness in all these sufferings is Someone up there and my little room inside of me. I know there was Someone up there who can listen to my pleas but I don’t know who He was, if He is real or not.

Every night, I cried out to ask for truth to cure my soul of its emptiness. I lost hope and in great grief, I murmured, “God I am really tired, please help me find the truth. Your will be done on me.”

Immediately, after that plea, something came to my mind saying there is a little book where you can find the truth written. Read the little book and you will know the truth.

“What was this book? What kind of book was this which has the truth written in it?” I murmured.

I approached my brother-in-law who was a Born Again evangelist, I confessed to him and asked for guidance to find the truth. He was holding a little book and reading some verses on it and interpreted John 3:16.

I told him that I know there was a God, and He has a Son Jesus Christ who will redeem us, but what I wanted was to find the truth; if God really existed or not.

I had so many questions in my mind that I felt that my soul is really thirsting to find the truth. I remember the little book that came to my mind that night and told myself, “Brother in-law was reading a book which tells about God and His Son Jesus Christ. Was that the book my thoughts were referring to? I need to have that book.”

I remember some years ago, somebody gave me a little book they called it “Bible” and ask me to read it but I ignored it. Now, I realized that this is the book that will answer my question.

I immediately looked for the book and gladly found it inside the box packed together with my old stuff. I asked God to guide me and help me understand the truth in the Bible. When I opened the book, I felt something shaking inside of me especially when I started reading it.

I found out that in almost every page of the book, the name of God was written in it. “This is what I wanted to know,” I murmured. I almost forgot my hunger and thirsty. All I wanted to do is to read the Bible and know the truth. I don’t even go out from my room. Almost a week I didn’t go out for work.

After reading the Bible, I realized that this is what I was looking for. This is what I wanted to do, to serve God. This is what is lacking in me: my God. When reading the Bible I was able to understand that there was a true Church and true preacher that observed all the teachings of the Lord Jesus Christ. I told to myself that I needed to find the true Church and my brethren so I can serve my God.

I started searching for the true Church that observed all the teachings of our Lord Jesus Christ. I attended almost all religions which I knew that time but I found them all false. I told to myself, “it is better to read the Bible alone than to listen to the teachings of these false preachers.” I prayed to God to help me find that true religion and I am now ready to serve Him.

One day, while I am reading the Bible, my husband was watching the television when he suddenly approached me, “Have you already listened to this preacher? I know you are searching for the true religion. Listen to him and tell me if he is not telling the truth.” When I heard the voice of that preacher, I told myself, “His voice was like music uplifts my spirit.”

Bro. Eli Soriano was preaching about the condition of God and the Lord Jesus Christ. He said, they were not one person as the Born Again preachers were claiming. God and Jesus Christ were different beings.

While listing to him, I heard something inside of me saying, “He was sent by God, listen to him and you will find the truth.” My heart beat so fast and I couldn’t control the tears from my eye.

After a long, long search, I finally found the Way of Truth. Bro. Eli Soriano answered all the questions in my mind. From that moment we decided to join the Church.

On 16 April 1999, my husband and I received our baptism at Apalit, Pampanga. It was the happiest moment in our life that we finally found the true Church. This is the Church of God International lead by Bro. Eli Soriano and Bro. Daniel Razon, the preachers sent by God in this dispensation.

I realized that the emptiness and lack in my life before was my ignorance on the will of God. And that serving Him and obeying His will was the completeness of my being. A few months after our baptism, I heard Bro. Eli asking brethren, particularly the young ones to join the ministerial to help him to propagate the Word of God.

I knew then that I was not capable of such great task but my heart desired it. That night, I prayed to God and asked for His guidance to direct the desire of my heart that I may fulfill if it is my calling. I decided to join the ministry.

Through God’s help I believe I can do this great task for His glory. My thirsty soul is forever filled and rested through God’s mercy and loving-kindness.

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14 thoughts on “Every Night I Cried Out to Ask for Truth to Cure my Soul of its Emptiness

  1. if something is missing, you gonna look for it, and we are very fortunate to found the missing link. thanks be to God for calling us. Your story is very inspiring indeed.

  2. A moment also came in my life when I realized something was missing. With my acceptance of the Christian faith, I just feel complete. Thanks be to God.

  3. AMEN…
    thanks to God that at last u found the truth wat you are searching for..
    GOD is soooo great…
    May GOD be with you always sis..

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