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Did You Know that God has Problems?

Where was she hearing all these mysteries?

By Andrei Nicholas S. Bonete

How? Come again? Really? How could that be? Is that so? How is that possible?

These are just some of the many questions that I often ask when either something new or something intriguing catches my attention.

Honestly, I am not a religious person because I rarely like to go to church even though my grandfather would take me along. I know when to stand, when to sit, and when to kneel. We would observe a few church practices but I liked Christmas and New Year the most because that was when all the “goodies” come in. Aside from that, I didn’t read the Bible that much. I prefered watching television, playing computer games, insulting my younger cousins, and much more. All that is to change, however. That was me before – a time when most of my family members were Roman Catholics.

Less than a decade ago, I noticed that my mom’s routines have changed. Most of the time, she would stay up late at night listening to the radio, waiting for a television program and going to places only she knows where. I cared less; she’s old enough anyway.

That went on for days, weeks, months. One early morning, my mother woke all of us up and packed our things. We went to the church locale, sang a few hymns then went to the “jeepney” waiting downstairs.

My bottom ached during the long trip but I admired the beauty of the surroundings. I liked the scenery as we went through North Luzon Expressway. She was so quiet. I soon found out that she will undergo baptism.

After some time, she would take me to Bible expositions, Prayer Meetings, Worship Services, Thanksgivings, and other Church gatherings. For six years she waited patiently, and persevered my many shortcomings.

For six years I remained carefree until that day, the day when she asked me three questions: “Did you know that God has problems? Where was God when He created the heavens and the earth? Is there something that God cannot do?”

I was amazed, taken aback. Where was she getting all these? How come she knows all these? I found myself wanting for more. She was listening to a man named Bro. Eliseo Soriano of the Ang Dating Daan (the Old Path) program.

I waited then for the next opening of the Mass Indoctrination and listened. Compared to the previous two sessions where I withdrew, the third was with God’s help successfully completed. I was finally baptized on December 31, 2004, 12:29pm and with this, her many years of sacrifice paid off.

From that time on, I am fascinated by the many things God continuously teach us. There are mysteries which are being uncovered and are still waiting to be uncovered. Day by day, many miracles happened to me.

There was a time when I was so down, depressed but suddenly, out of nowhere, I became better. Words are not enough to describe the days I have gone through. My thanksgivings are endless. My whole outlook in life changed, my understanding of the world has changed.

Now I can say that I have no regrets with what I had decided. It’s my choice and I consider it the best choice that I have made so far. Because of my mom, it is through her that I have come to know the truth. This is me now, hoping that I will meet Him someday. To God be the glory!


3 thoughts on “Did You Know that God has Problems?

  1. Before joining the congregation, never had I imagine that I will be learning numerous Biblical mysteries. Thanks be to God for revealing to us these mysteries through the preachers he sent to us.

  2. My daughter Melissa, does not want to come with me to Apalit. After all, the mixed smell of everything from the bathroom, to the cooking, the brethren milling around, and the heat that is so sticky to the feeling. But I have thought of something to attract her. I gave her money enough to buy anything she wanted. After all, Apalit is sorrounded by small stores selling anything to everything.
    And that was the magic! First, she became a member of the Teatro Kristiano, and at 15, she was baptized and served as a regular worker in LBMR.
    I am never more happier and contented with my daughher.

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