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My Life Before was such a Mess until such Time that Truth Found Me

I was Spellbound by the Way He Answered Queries

By Rosemarie Q. Cemanes

I was born in a place where poverty cannot be denied. The surroundings, although not a squatters’ area, was a place where you can see people and children roaming around, having drinking spree, or engaged in diverse activities that you can call non-sense.

I grew up in a family where my father was squandering and philandering with other women and my mother was left alone taking care of us while earning for a living in order to feed us and to send us to school. But since the earnings of my mother were not enough, being the eldest, I had to help my mother to earn more, so we could be sustained from day to day. I had to work while studying, so I woke up as early as 4:00 AM to sell basic commodities in the market then at 7:00 AM I start preparing myself to attend classes at school.

After school, I just had to change from my school uniform and go back to the market again to continue selling commodities until 9:00 PM. These activities continued until I finished my high school. Notwithstanding all those hardships and sacrifices, I was so much grateful to our dear God for I ended up in an accelerated class and still graduated with honors.

College life came; I no longer had to work in the market. I passed the scholarship exams at the university where I graduated. However, after the 1st semester of my freshman year, my mother died a tragic death. All my grades suffered that they considered disqualifying me from the scholarship program. But after a while, I recovered and applied for work in the same university. Fortunately they again accepted me for enrollment while working at the university. Thank God, I was able to finish my 1st Bachelors Degree despite all the trials, not only in my work, but in my studies, my family and my relationship with the opposite sex.

I became a licensed professional in my field of study but I noticed that I crave more for greatness, power and financial stability. Hence, I again enrolled for another dignified profession and thank God, again I graduated as a Dean’s Lister though I was a working student.

I thought that I will already feel fulfilled and happy but I did not; I still longed for many things. I ended up in relationships which were not ideal. It made my personality more proud and egoistic that, at the end of the day, I felt guilty and unhappy.

I decided to marry because I thought all my cravings and thirst for happiness will be quenched. I was again wrong. My marriage broke up and I felt lonely again and even wished to be dead than stay alive.

But, alas! I never thought that the deep suffering I felt when my marriage broke up would lead me to the truth.

As I entertained myself by watching television, I would browse through different channels but I was not contented with the TV programs. I happened to watch and listen to Mike Velarde of El Shaddai, but I got bored because I could sense that he was just making “uto-uto” (a fool) out of me.

Then I came across Channel 21 which at first did not seem appealing because the screen was very much blurred. I almost could not see the appearance of the speaker on the screen. However, I could hear clearly what this person named Bro. Eli was saying.

The words cut through deep within me. As I thought about my circumstances, I was so touched by what Bro. Eli was saying.

That instance, led me to believe more and more that indeed, as Bro. Eli taught us, and as provided for in Romans 8:28, “Everything that happens, works for good, to those who fear GOD.”

From then on, I became so engrossed listening to Bro. Eli. I was captivated and spellbound by the way he answered queries from the audience. All my qualms and questions were answered and I realized all my mistakes. I then became interested on how I could join his organization.

For the first time in my life I felt contented with all that I have. Only one problem remained: how I could join his organization.

Manila was quite new to me then and I was not used to travelling to places. I didn’t even know how to get to Quiapo, the locale where I could belong to.

I then asked a neighbor to accompany me to Quiapo to look for “Ang Dating Daan” (The Old Path) coordinating center. Just the same, she could not pinpoint where the right place or location of the coordinating center was. I did not lose hope though. I inquired from the sidewalk vendors in Quiapo but they could not accompany me to the place.

I strategized by buying a bunch of “kangkong” from a middle-aged woman for whatever price she tells me on condition that she would tell me where to find the coordinating center in Quiapo. That was the beginning of my new journey with God when I started attending the Mass Indoctrination sessions until I was baptized on June 15, 2001.

My separation from my husband was, I believe, part of the plan of God. Finally, I had time to think of the more important things. It opened my door to the truth and filled my life with love for God, the true love which I longed for.

The happiness and contentment I am feeling these days is insurmountable and invaluable.Thanks be to God for his messenger!


3 thoughts on “My Life Before was such a Mess until such Time that Truth Found Me

  1. it is true that contentment came not from material things…knowing the truth in Church of God international give me the true contentment in life. Having less or more in material things, love and peace still resides in our heart when we are in God’s care.

  2. I love how her story proves that materialistic goals can not complete one’s being. Thanks be to God for His unspeakable gift of bestowing us that one true happiness.

  3. I was smiling when I reached the part that you watched tv and chanced to see Bro Eli in his program ….I met my own destiny in the Church too, by way of Itanong mo kay Soriano”.

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