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He Alone can Understand the Sealed Mysteries

By Ariel Odones

People see war, the world with so many conflicts and a time that is very much unpredictable. When it comes to religion, if you are going to choose which of which, what will be your answer?

And how are you going to defend it?

The Main Author is God

Each of us has our own belief and preferences as to whom are we going to listen to and trust. As a result, people often do not know who among the preachers in our time says the truth and in whom they should believe.The main basis for truth is written in the Bible in which the main author is God. Through this, we will be able to know whom are we going to trust and entrust our faith.

In our time, there is only one sensible preacher who can answer as many questions people can ask and even in-depth questions we may have in our mind that other preachers cannot answer. There is no other person in this time that can do what Bro. Eli Soriano can.

In fact, Bro. Eli is the only one who has the wit and will to serve God and people by answering questions. He speaks of the matters in accordance with the Holy Scriptures which is necessary for our salvation.

Locked from our understanding for a long, long time

The mere fact that Bro. Eli can understand those in-depth words and mysteries which were sealed and closed to our understanding for a long time is the main basis that he was appointed by God. As the Bible says, “No one of the wicked shall understand, but the wise shall understand.”

At first, there were questions in my mind that bothered me. First, who is God? Second, which is the true church? And last, is there really such a thing as salvation?

All these questions were left unanswered until I have known this man. By him, I understood the true meaning of friendship and the true meaning of love. I have also understood many things in the Bible ranging from prophets, to angels as well as mysteries that I haven’t heard from other pastors and ministers in the world.

I have also understood first and foremost the importance of salvation which undoubtedly most people seek for.

In finding these, one must seek first the wise preacher who can teach us the complete teachings of God written in the Bible which is imperative for our own salvation.

By this, you will come unto the knowledge of truth.

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