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Their Primary Weapon is the Bible Preached by their Primary Speaker

And his wisdom is not your usual old-man-speaking-from-his-experiences-in-life kind of wisdom

By Jhorel Bocade

1998. Monday morning. The weekly buzz was filled with shouts about Bubble Gang: a hilarious weekly gag show. But that day, that morning, the buzz was different. Endless chatter went about exalting Bubble Gang (BG) to a higher pedestal than it normally is.

I didn’t know why. I hadn’t really been watching it for sometime then. As I listened in amidst the ‘hoos’ and the ‘hahas,” a name would almost always be in the punch line: Bro. Pete (pronounced as Brad Pete).

Bro. Pete was the character who hosted BG’s latest segment entitled “Ang Dating Doon,” a parody of Bro. Eliseo Soriano’s successful Ang Dating Daan (The Old Path) Radio-TV Program.

To my classmates, that specific segment was so funny; they couldn’t even relay the jokes well since they were laughing so hard. Needless to say, I wasn’t convinced. I then made a mental note to tune in come Friday night to see what the fuss was all about.

Friday night came. The segment was simple. It housed a mock Question-and-Answer forum. Bro. Pete was the “man with all the answers.” He had 2 assistants: Bro. Willy – who reads the answers from a ridiculously humongous book, and Bro. Jocel – the guy who sleeps all the time.

But the reason as to that segment’s success was Bro. Pete’s manner of answering people’s questions. All with the help of nursery rhymes I knew. Hahaha!

But there are others too. Like songs, cultural and traditional poems and even road signs! The segment was really innovative in bringing its viewers joyful stomachache. Since then, I was hooked.

As the weeks went by, “Ang Dating Doon” achieved more popularity. Interest in the characters and the brand of humor it showcases spawned TV guest appearances, a hit record album, and a blockbuster movie. With all of these, was my avid viewing.

My parents caught on with the “Ang Dating Doon fever.” This was very evident as I walked in on them one day having a laugh about the previous episode’s antics. As we discussed how we all liked the show, my mother related to me that “Ang Dating Doon” is actually a spoof of a certain religious program called “Ang Dating Daan” (ADD). She went on praising ADD for having a unique content. But then again, I wasn’t convinced.

So, given that sales talk from my convincing mother, I put it in my head to watch the show they almost forcefully recommended.

If I were to speak of the first time I watched ADD, I wouldn’t be able to tell it in detail since I couldn’t remember how I felt at that time.

Why? you may ask. Simply because the joy, the comfort and the relief I have felt then would increase every time I watched the program. And I did watch it again and again.

ADD’s main weapon of communication was the Bible preached by their primary speaker: A man going by the name of Bro. Eli Soriano. Saying that “Ang Dating Doon” is a spoof of ADD is very true. The only similarity that the two shows had was the Question-and-Answer format. The rest are miles apart in quality and content, especially if we are to talk about the speakers.

Bro. Pete’s ammunition of nursery rhymes and folk songs are way below Bro. Eli’s level of wisdom. And his wisdom is not your usual old-man-speaking-from-his-experiences-in-life kind of wisdom. His is multi-faceted.

He was proving night after night that all angles of life are mentioned in the Bible.

Over and over, I witnessed Bro. Eli’s never ending effort in answering all kinds of questions fully from the Bible. And that was one of the first things that overwhelmed me about this man. He was proving night after night that all angles of life are mentioned in the Bible. Not only mentioned off-hand but are explained in accordance with science and logic. My eyes slowly began to open.

All these lead to self-assessment which bore fear of the uncertain future, which, in all gratefulness to my Maker, pushed me to undergo indoctrination in the Church led by Bro Eli.

During those sessions, the light I saw emanating from the man and his teachings appeared brighter and clearer. Having compared his teachings to others in this dispensation renders it as subtle as a rhino in a china shop.

My eyes, finally, have been opened.

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One thought on “Their Primary Weapon is the Bible Preached by their Primary Speaker

  1. We ask everyone to test your preachers – ask them about your faith. Are they willing to be scrutinized in defense of their teachings? And why are your members resort to asking Brod Eli about what seems to be confusing or appeared to be hard to be understood as written in the Bible?

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