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I got Hooked on that Soulful Program

He rapidly said, “We can defeat Eli Soriano in a debate, and even not I as the contender; any worker in our Church can beat him.” I said, “Oh, can you? Why not have this on television?” They said they will but until now that pastor hadn’t proven anything of what he had said. He is not really after saving a soul. Continue reading

Bible exposition / Search for truth / The Old Path

A Funny Truth of Knowing the Truth

It all started with Bubble Gang, I could still remember that funny encounter with Bro. Pete and his “Ang Dating Doon.” I thought that it was an original concept of the show, but when I saw Bro. Eli greeting the show during its anniversary, I wondered for a time, “Why did Bubble Gang create a pun of him?” That inquiry started the search. Continue reading